EuanSemple: Volume Control On Mob Rule (reprise).

As I love to remind folks every few months, we mortgage our opinions from different sources. You might want to be much more selective, especially you folks on the Left. You're bleeding out the eyeballs with 'resistance', willing to link any miserable source as long as it is 'con-'. In this, you're becoming as unhinged as the Right has been. And that does not bode well for America in upcoming contests.

Better to be the collected agent, than the rabid dog.

CBS: Harrison Ford's plane has close call with 737 at Calif. airport.

He landed on a taxiway. Right over a packed jetliner. Not that it doesn't happen frequently (it does, even jetliners occasionally land on taxiways, highways, etc. by mistake), but the FAA takes a dim view of older pilots making mistakes like this. He's done so much good for others through aviation. I hope this is resolved with care for all parties involved.

NY Times: Oil Producers Comply With OPEC Deal to Cut Output, but for How Long?

Remember that we shouldn't be seeing price hikes for a long time, because of the enormous stockpiles as a result of the OPEC/bankrupt-the-frackers war. Still significantly more supply than demand. But we will see price hikes rationalized, because they're greedy bastards. Expect more 'refinery bottleneck' excuses, sooner than later.

Politico: Hillary Clinton Is Running Again.

Not only will Clinton run again, she has an excellent shot at getting the Democratic Party nomination again.

God, no. Is this guy nuts? Get the New Dems out of the DNC. This must be why they're so slow to change over to the new reality. She's lost twice. Once against a freshman senator, and then spectacularly against a reality show/businessperson. Time to gracefully fade into the background. But if she's intent on running, the DNC should eject her cronies, and she must not be given the Dole ("I'm owed the nomination" - AGAIN) treatment. Full court press of new candidates.

Angry Bear: In case you thought Trump was imploding ...

Most of you won't like it. In spite of low approval numbers, these numbers are arguably more important. Remember, see and think clearly in order to work '18 and '20 to our advantage. You can't do so by indulging in apocalypse-porn.