Nat Geo: This Tiny Country Feeds the World.

I was stunned when TJ's came to Santa Fe. Not the store itself, but that tomatoes from The Netherlands were cheaper and better than American varieties. I pondered about the shipping costs, the overall environmental impact ... because they must be air-freighted.

When you look at these overseas facilities, they make American agriculture look positively medieval.

US News: Hillary Clinton Bashes Bernie Sanders in Leaked Memoir Excerpts.

Ms Clinton, an election is not a coronation. Let's use the example of selling a pickup truck. Do you pull your punches, or do you compare similar philosophies to see which actually stands up? People see holes, they ain't-a-buyin'.

Remember Humphrey/McCarthy, '68? A whole lotta commonalities. Read it through.

I grow mossy with memories that have no more traction ...

naked cap: Looming Gas Shortage - “Imports Can’t Make Up For This”.

Here I thought oil companies had their storage tanks maxed out due to Saudi Arabia's price war with frackers ... sitting on both on-land tanks and offshore tankers to hoard fuel until prices went up ... then again, it's the refining that's the choke point. That's how oil companies can jig the pricing schemes even in glut.

Economist.UK: Military kit cuts crime.

Two new papers published in the American Economic Journal provide some useful clues. The first one, by Vincenzo Bove of the University of Warwick and Evelina Gavrilova of the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, finds that a 10% increase in the value of military equipment transferred to police in one year reduces offending by 5.9 crimes per 100,000 people the next year. A second paper, by Matthew Harris of the University of Tennessee and others, corroborates those results. It also finds that militarisation reduces assaults on officers and complaints against them.

Not convinced. How many egregious uses of force are we seeing today? Multiple times, daily. Your garden-variety policeman is now trained to shoot to kill instead of utilizing a range of other de-escalating techniques. Where is 'waiting patiently' in the face of armored vehicles?

Oh, and didn't I tell you, a long time ago ... ?

Taylor Swift, no longer ingénue, but savvy businesswoman? Didn't I call this a long time back? Making hay before the wrinkles start. Smart. Given your genetics, Taylor, you've got about ten years on the outside (more, if you don't mind being a rubber-lipped plastic surgery victim) before the supermarket rags turn against you. Make the most of it.