The Rumpus: To Look For America - A Road Trip, A Soundtrack.

I admit being surprised by how many black people I saw in Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota. I found America in those places.

More and more I realize how far people are willing to express an opinion on things they have absolutely no experience with. This handicaps us as a nation. And I'm not talking about the author.

NY Times: The Deep Confusion of the Post-Weinstein Moment.

And I can guarantee that among the host of very real and genuine accusations and revelations, there’ll be an exaggeration or two, perhaps an outright lie. That’s just what happens. When it comes out, some will be tempted to use them to discredit the whole movement.

Since the '80's, the go-to technique has been to pull out a really egregious edge-case, and make the awful situation representative of an entire class of people ... and then pull the rug out from under. It can go either way (help or harm) in this present environment. Television newswatchers are primed for this sort of nonsense.

The personal stories, related face-to-face in countless living rooms around the US, are much better at engendering change.

The Atlantic: The Original Sin of the GOP Tax Plan.

And it makes life hard for some of the very small businesses it’s trying to help.

"Clownshoes" Ryan strikes again. That's all I need to hear. Boo, hiss. If someone would throw a lifeline to small business in America, the prosperity would go off the charts. We just need a freaking break, that's all.