Guardian.UK: No one can pretend Facebook is just harmless fun any more.

According to Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook, the company uses techniques found in propaganda and casino gambling to foster psychological addiction in its users – such as constant notifications and variable rewards. By keeping us hooked, Facebook is able to hold a huge amount of data on us. What is surprising, and worrying, is the derived data Facebook has – the profiles it can build of its users based on seemingly innocuous information.

Nothing particularly new here, really. But with all the current information coming out, I think it may be time ... time to prioritize another service. I've already been spending more time with Instagram and Twitter.

Facebook has to be, to be honest, the #1 source of hate in my daily newsreads. It's a bummer to go there, any time of day or night. I've not filtered anyone before, during or after the elections - I want to keep my finger on the pulse of all of America. What I see in Facebook is pretty ugly. I do see hope, but only if people get offline and start talking face to face.

Pounding a keyboard at each other doesn't seem to help a thing.

Recode: The online mattress industry promised a more honest shopping experience. We may have gotten the opposite instead.

I've been sort of wondering why the cheap-to-manufacture foam mattress market seems to have exploded. I suppose it's another cycle of Napster-ization; mattresses are now disposables.

For your health's sake, beware plastic extruded foam. As those things offgas, it's pretty horrible; anyone who is chemically sensitive will have issues. Especially small children. If you don't have rodents in your area (or even if you do), stick it out on your roof for a day or three.

Weather drama.

Thundersnowhaboob just hit. Flung my garbage cans about 30 feet down the yard. I went out to retrieve them, but I'm leaving them wedged together on the ground. I can't fight the wind, and the combo of flying snow/rain/dust/dirt/rocks in the face is pretty nature-dystopian ("Really, Mother Nature?") and rather painful. I practically tossed my cookies getting back in the house. Holy cow, this is crazy. Never seen anything like this in my near two decades in Santa Fe.

Later: Went back out to fix things during a 'lull', and had my own recycling can attack me. Should've had a video trained on the yard. Probably looked like a giant plastic green dinosaur trying to gobble ol' Garret. Screw this. I'm waiting until it passes.

Even later: Blew Sandra's glasses right off her face. Peeled them away. Astonishing.

naked cap: Criminalizing Peaceful Pipeline Protests: Are Oil Billionaires Trying to Undermine Our First Amendment Rights?

Butofcourse they are. What did you expect? But they're not going to like how citizens deal with being silenced. Very ignorant, short-term pocketbook thinking from people who don't live in these areas. Here in the West, both Democratic and Republican ideologues are weapons-bearers, and NIMBY is just as powerful. 

Just sayin'. You companies better off learning to deal with protest - the alternatives will be decidedly worse. Look at the Bundys, for a recent example. Peaceful protests are hard to manage, sure. But armed ones, with self-righteous angry folk, are another kettle of fish. And it's not clear your bills will stand up in Federal courts.

Mueller. If he doesn't have substantial info in 'button down' mode ...

... I'll think less of him. I've said all this before, but I'll repeat it for new readers. What's "button down" mode? This should be familiar to anyone interested in international affairs. "Button down" mode is when you have incriminating items that you want to use as leverage on countries or persons to maintain your own safety. You collect all the documentation, you put it in a safe place and have one trusted contact whom you can call, in order to release those documents to chosen news organizations.

Trump let Comey loose. He kept rough notes. Now Trump's done so with McCabe. McCabe's been keeping memos. See a pattern? And these are just individuals. Mueller? He heads a network of attorneys and investigators. Yeah, I think he'll go full nuclear if he's fired before he finishes his work.

[He'd better.]

Recode: Here’s how Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to get data for 50 million users.

Back in 2015, though, Facebook also allowed developers to collect some information on the friend networks of people who used Facebook Login. That means that while a single user may have agreed to hand over their data, developers could also access some data about their friends. This was not a secret — Facebook says it was documented in their terms of service — but it has since been updated so that this is no longer possible, at least not at the same level of detail.

Woah, woah, woah ... WHAT?!!!

Probably announced via one of those popups, "Facebook has changed its terms of service." Go read a thousand lines of 7 point type, and God help you understanding the legalese. Remember the panics over use of images? People couldn't understand it, and Facebook rewrote it how many times?

I love the internet, don't get me wrong. But on certain days, I'd like to go back to colorful post cards and stickers. Really, these large social services really need to get serious about testing security vectors in their codebases. Including downstream, unauthorized uses of legally obtained info.