The Art of Manliness: Why Do We Follow the News?

The real question then is not whether or not to consume the news, but how much, and from where. The aim is conscious intention rather than complete abstention.

Timely. Conscious intention. I like that. Also - measureable effects. As with RSS feeds - if it wastes your time, or doesn't bring benefits, dump it. Simple. Some feel that dropping the NY Times is akin to murder; I don't find it so. I find the cycling of fresh perspectives enlivening. YMMV.

euansemple: Awash in a sea of truth.

Euan reminds me of something. Bear with me.

We, here in the casa, often wake up here at 5 or 6 am, make tea, sit and watch dawn ... or I pull out my iPad and start my daily news-troll.

I don't have my RSS feeds on my iPad. Sure, I could hook up to the web version of Newsblur, but I don't have effective methods of blogging from the iPad, so I just use it like I would a large daily magazine. I simply don't enjoy typing on it. I might push an article or three to Pocket or Evernote, but that's it.

Long lead in. Sorry. Well, I was thinking, given Euan's post ... on iPad, I use Apple's NEWS feature, and I also use Flipboard. NEWS tries to be smart, Flipboard tries to be customizable.

I have to say it: both rot at what they do. I use them, because all the others I've used rot MORE. And they've rotted for as long as I've used them.

So what did Euan remind me of? In the earlier days of blogging, we had a direct line to the programmers of these systems. We'd make suggestions, they'd respond. Better tools, faster.

We need that 'modification vector' back again. These services are not iterating for the user - they're iterating for the broadcasters.

Once upon a time, readers were the audience. We were the priority, not the product.

I'd like to see that again.

[Thank GOD for RSS.]

"What's the worst case of bad parenting you've ever witnessed?"

I think I saw this on Reddit. I can tell you, and you'll be surprised you never noticed. Parents who push their strollers into crosswalks. You'll see them do this constantly. They push their kids into traffic while they wait for the light to change, or to force cars to stop.

You wanna see me get mad? Watch me when I catch someone doing it. Oh, parents get outraged that a stranger is telling them what to do. I have no compunction about yanking a stroller out of the street. They're busy getting outraged; I'm saving a life. Cops side with me.