Upon turning the odometer to 57

Weird to think about, 57. Don't know why it should feel any weirder than 56, but it does. The 'sixes' have always been remarkable years for me, yet I don't feel I'm gaining as much momentum as I did in previous decades. Ageism is starting to raise its ugly head - people are judging based on wrinkles and hair color (none) now. That totally sucks. Yet my photography skills are burgeoning, and I'm up to my eyeballs in video and video editing again (yay, FCPX!). Got some good web contracts in as well. Yet I'm not comfortable yet. Goal one for my 57th year - achieve satisfaction.

As for weblogging ... HAH. I continue to beat the mass media's supposed 'dead horse', and will for the foreseeble future. Question is, what form. Long form, short form, quips, comments ... ? I desire to do more long form, but rarely have the opportunity. I sometimes think about stacking up my links for the day and arranging them into a single narrative post. With a little comedy thrown in. Might be fun. What say y'all?

Switching to Squarespace makes it easier to integrate other blog information. Notice the PHOTOBLOG above, a completely separate weblog dedicated to my photography. That'll be fun. Beats the old system I used by a long chalk. I hope I can cross-post. This may bring more features to the blog, eventually.

So ... 57's going to be interesting. I have lots to do, lots to look forward to. The bottom line, however, is TANGIBLE RESULTS this year.