ABQ Journal: NM has highest percentage of young children on food stamps.

... and we still have people who oppose the living wage, refusing the see any correlation. (sigh)

Backstory: Got pinged by @trabernlaw [Thanks, Trace!] ... Federal judge holds Human Services Secretary Earnest in contempt and The country’s ‘most fouled up’ food aid system. As longtime readers know, I disdain both Reagan and Clinton for their reductions in welfare, food stamps and especially WIC. The newborn orphans my family took care of lost huge amounts of support as a result of governmental apathy. I never forget "Don't feed the alligators." These politicians need to be physically put through the system they're destroying. Ripping food away from a newborn? I'd like to see them do it on camera.

Too quick: And one more. Judge holds HSD secretary in contempt of court. So much worse than I realized. This is hideous. Read it.