PS Mag: The Secret Lives of Women Online

As a young mom living and working in a big city, Jennifer found herself wanting to talk about issues relating to work, life, and children, but was afraid of alienating friends and family on social media.

You've heard the term 'Fakebook', I hope. Everyone posts their 'best selves', and never get real about their circumstances. The Mommyblogger niche is emblematic - perfect lives, perfectly written, perfectly photographed ... perfectly BS. A few months, a couple of years down the line ... there's always a 'reality check' post. [I've watched the niche, the uncredited support teams, the marketing, the sponsorship, the affiliate use, for a long time. It has been fascinating.]

Speaking from *loooong* experience: If it's online, it's screenshottable, copyable, repostable. If it's something you wouldn't say in public, don't put it on the internet. Period.