WSJ: Clinton Foundation’s Fundraisers Pressed Donors to Steer Business to Former President.

The November 2011 memo from Douglas Band, at the time a top aide to Mr. Clinton, outlines extensive fundraising efforts that Mr. Band and a partner deployed on behalf of the Clinton Foundation and how that work sometimes translated into large speaking fees and other paid work for Mr. Clinton.

Yeah, we expect this kind of thing to come out about the Foundation. The Republicans in Congress will be nutty enough to start impeachment proceedings. 90's redux. Don't know if I can listen to another four years of harangues. Let's hope Hill gets the Senate over the hump. Remember these are *stolen* emails. The morality of condemning someone for potential illegalities using illegally-obtained information is fraught with ethical issues. In America, use of such materials for legal purposes is prohibited - "fruit of the poisonous tree." So unless someone finds other corroborating information, this is for naught other than clickbait.