BillMoyers: Let’s Treat Our Patients, Not Trick Them with Private Insurance.

A few days ago, I was studying a medical diagram in a coffee shop when a man in his mid-forties walked in. His face was red, he was sweating, he looked upset. “Please, can anyone help me?” he asked. “My daughter is at Children’s Hospital for seizures and she needs medicine. My credit card is maxed out. I need $16.50.”

This is more the kind of thing I hear from fellow sole proprietors and small businesses. We're so strung out from paying for the unusable insurance, we can't afford actual visits or treatment. This is why we get so angry when folks on subsidies are saying "everything's FINE". For you, maybe. But not for everyone. The economically disadvantaged are doing well on the ACA. Many of the rest of us, who are at the edge of subsidies or just off the edge, are NOT. The poor targeting is forcing hard working people *into* an artificial government-sponsored poverty. And that's wrong. 

(Yeah, yeah, here I go again. November 1 is not far away.)