Guardian.UK: Huma Abedin - has Hillary Clinton's closest ally become her biggest liability?

In 2011, when Abedin was five months pregnant and working as deputy chief of staff in Clinton’s state department, her husband was forced to stand down from his congressional seat after he inadvertently tweeted a lewd photograph intended for a woman in Seattle to his 45,000 followers.

This seems to be Hillary's weakness. She's keen to keep people in certain positions long past their sell-by date. I would have called Ms Abedin into my office in 2011, and given her two choices. Told her it's up to her, but given the nature of modern political life, she could a) seek reconciliation with her husband, but not work for me directly anymore or b) immediately start divorce proceedings, and continue to work. A politician must keep arm's length from useless scandals. If I'd wavered on that in '11, the '13 revelations would have convinced me to double down on it. This just brings the public's eye to bear on Clinton's perspicacity, or lack thereof.