SciAm: Voter Embarrassment about Trump Support May Have Messed Up Poll Predictions.

In this election, however, I suspect many people who said they were undecided were actually already committed to Trump. Societal pressures might have kept them from declaring their true intention.

Given that any chance of winning was put into Clinton-centric language by a majority of the media, it created a fog that was too dense to penetrate in order to detect Trump preferences. And again, many ladies of my acquaintance would brook no critique of Clinton, actively going on the attack. I think many people [MEN]  just shut up and kept their breath to bake their own Trump-cake secretly in the ballot-box. And now that I think about it, a conservative friend of mine communicated her dilemma in a clear manner: "I can't vote for Trump. But a CLINTON ... my GOD. I just CAN'T. So I'm forced to choose between a racist misogynist and a stoner." I'm betting she voted Trump ... the chickens reliably come home to roost, even if unpleasant. 

I was at a goofy Xmas party last year, and one of the gag gifts was one of Trump's books, with the leftover-bookstore sticker on it, "$0.10". I said "Gee, this is GREAT. I can start fires this winter." Another participant asked me if he could have the book. "Why?" I asked. "I'd like to read what our next President says." 

I thought it a joke. But he seemed serious.

I wonder at myself. I do wonder.