Racism: Stop at the border of New Mexico.

Dear mouth-breathers: Caucasians are 28% of the population in NM (discounting 'white Hispanics'). "Brown people" are the forces of law and order here, and have been long before your east-coast Pilgrims. And this is an 'open-carry' state. Even gloveboxes are open-carry.

You need to read between the lines: Express your hatred to the wrong person, you're likely to get a 9mm in your eyesocket.

I might as well throw in a warning to misogynists, too. Yep. More women than men in NM.

My advice: Start with 'respect'. This isn't 1861. And if you think it is, I'll take you over to the Battlefield of Glorieta Pass, and teach you a lesson about New Mexico.