NY Mag: Ivanka Should Show Us the Women Who Make Her Life Possible.

Wilful blinders. I suspect this won't get much real traction. Let me explain my reasoning by talking about a popular blogging niche.

Mommybloggers. Only recently have Mommybloggers started to come clean about their sponsors, affliations and 'staff'. I've watched the niche grow, fascinated and impressed. But there has been a significant lack of candor over the years, causing average people (non-bloggers) to feel 'less than', underachievers. Noone raises kids, writes character-filled long blog posts, takes technically perfect photos, manages a full spectrum of social media channels, answering commenters, and/or creates ebooks or video courses by themselves. Oh, some have tried - they crash and burn in weeks/months. People are wising up to the fact that if it looks like a perfect life, "it takes a team." Family, husbands, virtual assistants, social media 'by the hour'. The niche is rationalizing the discoveries of substantial backing as 'being a good businessperson.' Doing so seems to salve most of their audience. It is truly astonishing how much the more popular ones earn for posting sponsored goods. Most now disclose immediately, thank goodness. 

Given that, look at Ivanka again. What is she doing, that every other Mommyblogger isn't already doing, hasn't already done? So I theorize this won't go far as a condemnation - many of the people who might be offended are already acclimated. And find it admirable.