Mashable: Trump supporters want just the facts from their news media.

After reading some of the Wikileaks Podesta emails, I want more facts. That does not make me a Trump supporter. I am horrified by the actions of the Times, Post, CNBC, etc. We know it happens, but I'll never forgive Baquet's comment the other day. 

I habitually have been avoiding editorial and opinion papers until I read the facts for myself first, and only THEN do I post an editorial, if I feel it has true bearing on the situation. I think that's healthy. And context is always good, as long as it's not an intentional attempt to lead the audience to inaccurate conclusions.

But too many of both ideologies go right to their favorite 'political entertainers' and don't use a shred of critical thinking, aping what they hear.

More facts GOOD. Less opinion BETTER.