WaPo: The Daily 202 - Trump poised to learn the Pottery Barn rule of governing.

There is now no one to blame if they can't pass budgets, avoid shutdowns, deal with sequestration, replace Obamacare, destroy ISIS or reverse the continuing loss of manufacturing jobs. If climate change gets worse, it’s on them. If Syria continues its downward spiral, it’s on them. If more countries acquire nuclear weapons, it’s on them. It may be totally unfair, but that’s the way our system works.

No, sorry. The Washington Post gravely underestimates the Right's ability to rationalize. Didn't you know Clinton's success was 'leftover Reagan effect'? Dig around online, you'll find that's a given in many Republican circles. Any 'good' effect is originally Republican (no matter how far back one has to dig) and any 'bad' effect is Democratic. I think they'll find a way to say any given 'playing field' was despoiled by Democratic/Left policies, and that success was never possible. They're doing it already - have been doing it. "The BLM's a failure!" They starved it of local control through budget cuts. DC can't know the conditions on the ground. The BLM falters in their mission. "We've got to shut it down, Democratic policies don't work!" What they replace it with, of course, will devastate our public lands. You surely remember "starve the beast"? And who will get the blame? You know, already.