In These Times: The Democrats Abandon the White Working Class to Trump At Their Own Peril.

"The Trump candidacy represents the forgotten white working class that has been underrepresented in American democracy over the past generation. So they’re getting a voice."

Above quote, Fukuyama.  I think the white working class has been 'victimed' out. They feel they're supposed to support everyone else, but noone's looking after them. And this economy still rots. Better, but we're still not 'back.' I think there's anger at personal situations, but I also think there's shame in the class - shame that they have no strength, no resilience to genuinely participate in our culture, even to give back. The housing bust took their retirement, likely their parents'. The ACA's chipping away at monthlies, drug costs through the roof. They have nothing to give, because they're working so hard to tread water. Minorities have had to do this for decades, but it's new to whites, and they have no cultural crutches to deal with it. All they have is anger, and when confronted, to double-down on the anger. To ignore the realities in so-called 'red' states, to not have a single spark of empathy, is the height of elitism and a very sad statement for the Left in America. Those who used to support 'the little guy'.

Better to listen, and put out a hand, than to name-call and feel one is 'better than'. I have hard-core Republican friends. I love them to death. They know I don't necessarily agree, but when we discuss politics, we find common ground and battle away. But you keep the channels of communication open.

As I've always said, when we eliminate 'them' from the English language, we'll have a civilization to be proud of.