Dazed: Meeting the women who voted for Donald Trump.

These opinions are symptoms of a failed system – clickbait culture that only allows for shallow journalism, the failure of neoliberalism, a higher education system that is only available to the financial elites.  

And what a mouthful that pullquote is. Clinton had flipflopped over Sanders' primary stances, but noone in the heartland could trust those flips. Think on it for a bit - worth the time. And this interviewer only went to Chambersburg, PA. Barely a millimeter into the Rust Belt, really. Imagine if he'd gone deeper.

I mentioned last year that a percentage of America would never vote for a woman. Both women and men. That is borne out here. And the Clinton 'brand' had been so tarnished, I suspected it would be a net-negative 'blue wall'. There'd been a whole new generation to introduce to the '90's Clinton scandals - and indeed, you can hear in this how it had an effect.

I see some are still crying over the popular vote count. "A million votes!" Sounds like a lot. Not really. 1.3%, Clinton over Trump. Electoral College is the law of the land. [Keep whining, Left. You come off just as badly as the Right always has, as sore losers.] Better to be organizing. Indeed, we in Santa Fe already are. The margin shift in the 'blue wall' swing states was -5.5% for Democrats vs. 2012. That, as opposed to the total vote count, is the one we need to focus on.