Slate: Ben Shapiro on Steve Bannon, the alt-right, and why the left needs to turn down the outrage.

Listen to me. Since the election, the media used alt-right as a convenient way to attack Trump. Instead, the media turned a fringe group into a mainstream one. Trump didn't do this. Bannon didn't do this. Your media sources did. They still don't understand or see how they've fallen into the trap of aiding and abetting negative PR for the opposition's benefit. Do I have to keep saying it? HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Stop reading the sources that did this. They'll be patsies for Bannon and co. in the future. If you want to have even a shred of equanimity in your life, dump the fools.

We are two weeks out from the biggest freaking failure in American media since 1980. And the media is pedaling as fast as they can shooting out controversies so we don't take stock and whack 'em for their terrible reporting. They were predicting a Clinton landslide on Tuesday AFTERNOON. They're pushing out articles now about "oh, the coverage wasn't so bad." 24/7 social news cycle, knowledge lasts three days. Read between the lines. Would you do such things? Wouldn't you want them disclosed? For myself, "no" and "yes".

I seem to be the only one banishing news sources from my aggregator for terrible reporting, poor ethics. It has been my job for nigh-on seventeen years to drill through the crap to bring you good stuff. It's getting so damned hard ... the metacosm's original aggregator is starting to crack at his edges. When the National Enquirer is closer to the nation's pulse than The New York Times ... the world has gone mad.