Washington Post: Social media ‘influencers’ - A marketing experiment grows into a mini-economy.

What was an experimental marketing practice only a short time ago has morphed into a mini-economy with dizzying financial stakes. The social-media analytics firm Captiv8 estimates that big brands are spending a collective $255 million per month for sponsored posts on Instagram alone. Captiv8 says Instagram influencers who have more than 7 million followers command an average rate of more than $150,000 per sponsored post.

Holy Hannah. My question is, are they all revealing their sponsorships in a transparent fashion? I don't get paid - when I recommend something, I've used and abused it and will stand behind it. I suppose my complaint is, when not disclosed, readers can become depressed feeling they're underachieving. "I can't afford this stuff." Lives of perfection on the internet are usually backed by teams of players. If it doesn't seem possible for a single person to accomplish so much in a day, so perfectly - be assured (by my years on the internet, photographic experience, writing experience, and social media experience) it's NOT possible.

BTW, check the girl's blog. As of 10AM here, her nav is busted. Call your web guru, kid.