Guardian.UK: Who is to blame for this awful US election?

Five years ago, only 30% of white evangelicals believed that a person guilty of “immoral” personal behaviour could behave ethically in a public role. Now that figure stands at 72%, a remarkably rapid shift. It means people of supposedly deep moral convictions have been prepared to junk those beliefs just to accommodate Trump.

I blame Gingrich, the inventor of today's attack politics. I repoint you to the infamous 1994 GoPac memo. Taking an opposing political position used to be respectful. Read that memo - you will recognize the language of today's 24/7 media news cycle, as well as modern political rhetoric.

Piled atop the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine, the resultant rise of talk radio ... Gingrich reshaped American politics in powerfully negative fashion. He should NEVER EVER be rewarded for the pain he has caused. To our country. To our EARDRUMS, dammit.

Singlehandedly, he set us upon this road. Now we need to claw our way back to being respectful again.