NY Times: Right Wing, Left Wing?

The success of the right wing in moving the goal posts in our political contests is so great that virtually the entire Republican Party agenda from the Nixon years is now the home turf of centrist Democrats.

Banging my keyboard in appreciation. This is exactly what folks younger than myself just don't get - they think they're Left, but I see them as good stalwart moderate Republicans. Something they've never seen in their lifetimes. Sanders, though he called himself 'socialist' (an unwise move, IMHO), approaches what the Democrats *used* to be.

The recent re-election of Pelosi is disappointing [maintaining the hegemony of the failed New Democrat philosophy]. I appreciate the concept of 'experience' in facing Trump, but Trump is so unskilled a politician, he might ultimately have been the best education Ryan [D] could get. I feel it was a missed opportunity, a sign the Dems are not learning from past mistakes.