NY Times: Should I Lie About My Beliefs to Get Health Insurance?

Since the law went into effect, monthly premiums for my family of three have already more than doubled, from $450 a month to $930. (In Colorado, my home state, 2017 rates are on average 20 percent higher than they were in 2016; in some counties that number is 40 percent.) On top of that, high deductibles mean we pay for nearly everything ourselves. In 2016, between monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs, we’ve spent roughly $20,000 on health care.

You'll notice these stories were nowhere to be found before the election, esp. not in the Times. Not all 'religious' cost-sharing outfits require such specific statements of belief. She should have shopped around more.

[Note, I'm getting really tired of the "I can't afford it, but I think it's really great" storylines. Eliminating pre-existing conditions and no lifetime max are the frequent excuses for supporting the ACA. Two reasons which could have been addressed (and indeed, were slowly being addressed - for instance, lifetime maxes had reached a nadir of 1m about 20 years ago, to start crawling back up into the 4-5m range before the ACA) in the market, through legislation, and/or aided by extending Medicaid, are not enough to excuse the whole costly, clunky mess. There is no excuse you can make that absolves the Feds from making health insurance so expensive, that one CANNOT AFFORD TO VISIT A PHYSICIAN.]