naked cap: The Washington Post Responds to Our Letter Demanding a Retraction and Apology for Its Article Defaming Naked Capitalism and Other Sites.

Bloggers, take a dive in and read through ... pertinent for we who quote articles. When you visit the original site with the list, you wonder why a 'paper of record' would bother.  Read the FAQ [I would link it, but I don't wish to give them clickthroughs]. Surprised we didn't see references to Roswell and the Illuminati. There's no question the Post took this fringe list and boostered it. NC will have to prove damage though, and that may be difficult. None of this internet libel stuff has been well-tested in courts yet.

Meantime, Amazon/WaPo are sending me 'news highlights' each morning. Yesterday's contained a slew of links about Nancy Reagan's demise. From MARCH.

It's not just algorithms that are failing us.