Atlas Obscura: Princeton Cemetery – Princeton, New Jersey.

Aaron Burr Jr's spot looks so much better without the anomalous giant evergreen bush hiding it from view (as it was when I was a teen). The white house you see in the background-right is Paul Robeson's birthplace, BTW. Paul Tulane is buried over to the right as well [Memorial statue looking northwards, I might add. In-town rumor mill has three theories. One, he'd wanted to purchase the University, and when he failed, he had his statue's back pointedly snubbing the campus. Two, he wanted to face the location where his nanny lived. Three, he wanted to face the house of a reputed paramour once lived. YMMV]. Many, many famous folks installed here. Everything's looking unkempt, though. They should be taking better care of the President's plot, at least.