In These Times: The Rush To Normalize Trump.

If you are not acknowledging a feeling of being at sea following Nov. 8, 2016, you’re simply not being authentic.

I think we need a definition of 'normalize.' I don't think Reagan was ever 'normalized', neither was GWB. No matter what the media shows you (if you hit microfilm) ... there were reasons much of the media gave these guys free passes. We the people, did not. For instance, many of us called Reagan "Bonzo" ... "What's Bonzo said this time, that his handlers have to retract?" There was no 'normal' under those two hooligans.

Later: I suspect people need to come right out and say, "no compromise." Rather than 'normalize.' Because that's what they actually desire. Yet many want to see something change in Washington - to not allow any change is to simply ape the maddening no-compromise stonewall tactics of the Right. Which we on the Left felt was completely obstinate and unfair when we were in power. So where's the high ground here? Dems are in one of the weakest positions ever - do you stonewall and get bypassed [and become a hypocrite], or do you make compromises to weaken the nefariousness of legislation?