PS Mag: Hate Surges Online.

Oh please. Stop giving these outfits free publicity. There's no polarity in 'pageviews'. You can't tell a 'positive' view from a 'negative' one. Or if it's a curious person, a bigoted devotee, or a kid looking for free porn. I have no doubt there's an upsurge. Just not to the level portrayed here.

What worries me more is the hate on the Left. Foaming, foolish rage. Hate way too similar to the Right's. For some, if you're not as outraged and frightened as they are, you're shoved bodily away. A new litmus test. Except it's not a group - it is on a person-by-person basis. If your knee doesn't jerk as high, well then ... you're not a true Progressive (or whatever label is in vogue that hour). Some on the Left are devouring each other over all this - who's the biggest closet reactionary? Because if you don't pass your test, you're a Trumpian oaf, no matter how you voted. Only 'true believers' allowed. Unfriended, unsubscribed ... the modern "A" on the dress of the Left's ideology. Too many are being branded Hester Prynnes.

I keep hoping it is a phase. I begin to question whether the internet - 'more opinion' - is a good thing or not.