Hollywood Reporter: Jerry Lewis Interview - Painful, Awkward and Awful 7 Minutes.

A classic case of interviewer/interviewee mismatch. Age is irrelevant, really - Lewis didn't like these kids. Man's been in the biz for a long time - he knows 'chaos prep' and 'fluff interviews' better than anyone. The questions were totally lame - the interviewer needed to know more of Lewis' history, gags, etc. instead of playing a young smartass. One could have cobbled up better questions from the Lewis Wikipedia page. Did you know Lewis taught Spielberg in his film directing class? Wouldn't you want to ask him about The Day the Clown CriedThe King of Comedy? Jeebus, what a bunch of vidiots. Lewis was being irascible, but it sounds/looks like he had grounds to be. As a whole, the inauspicious interviewers got pwned by a 90 year old. And that's HILARIOUS.