Politico: Exclusive - Clinton aides kept tabs on anti-Trump elector gambit.

The GOP plans were thorough. On the day of the vote, they engineered the replacement of more than a dozen Republican electors who were constitutionally disqualified because they held federal positions. In the days leading up to the vote, electors in North Carolina and Texas were treated to a joint dinner. And in Alaska, where a snowstorm threatened electors’ travel to Juneau, the whip team had engineered a backup plan to permit electors to cast their ballot from an alternate location.

Once again, Dems out-organized. I have to say, all the longtime organizers - the door-to-door grassroots Dems here in NM - were Sanders people. The fact that the Clinton campaign ignored them, gave them the bare minimum (of which they decided 'promises are piecrusts'), destroyed the campaign's ability to respond quickly and effectively to overcome the crises on a local level just prior to election. Without those grassroots organizers, they were doomed. Relying on the media "usual suspects" to push out editorial ideological claptrap, was a terribly bad strategy (in hindsight).

To be seen officially approving the attempt to dethrone the President Elect would have been complete poison to any Democratic future endeavors. Staging a coup via the Electoral College was a terribad idea to begin with, unless the very first thing the usurping President did would be to eliminate the Electoral College. Dicey.