NY Times: Was Barack Obama Bad for Democrats?

Ah, the truth starts to trickle out. What I've been yelling for ages. The economic recovery was not spread evenly across America. You didn't have to be Rust Belt to feel the lack.

And yet I see Dems bashing the Rust Belters, the rural Americans. Elitism is not going to give you the numbers you need to win. 'Big tent' or you're doomed. Time to stop talking and listen. And NOT to the news media. To the people around you. More of your friends and acquaintances voted for Trump than you think. Listen as to why. None of it means they're hardened conservatives. Keep the outrage on a leash, gently probe for motivations. What I keep finding is that Democratic messaging was virtually nonexistent to the rural niche here in NM, and this was an intensely back-pocket (economic) election in the lower echelons of our nation. If you think it's wasted effort, try this example: Look at what Bernie did the other day.

If each of us do that, we might have a shot in '18 and '20.