Politico: The Death of Clintonism.

The Democratic establishment continues to rationalize, but clarity is starting to peep through. The electorate didn't want the promised 'safety' of the past, the continuance of the current Administration, the calm experienced hand at the wheel - they wanted the 'hope and change' they never actually felt in their daily lives over the last eight years. And that was not limited to the Rust Belt. But this statement gives me hope that, underneath the polished exteriors, party operatives see the problems: "She could not, or would not, say aloud what others in her party knew: That Obama had not only largely overlooked the concerns of white working-class voters but, with his health care overhaul, had been seen as punishing them financially to provide new benefits to the poorest Americans." My italic emphasis. That's exactly what many folks of my acquaintance feel, especially the small business owners (sole proprietors, authors, creative class, etc.).