Guernica: Indulge the Other.

The Bosch illustration is particularly excellent: "Beck didn’t invent it, but he was for a time the purest practitioner of the thing that’s wrought such havoc on us all: the rejection of objective reality, rational thought, human empathy, and, ultimately, deference to and respect for fundamental principles of American governance, in favor of the pure pursuit of power."

But do you trust the conversion? We see our fellow Dems get irate with David Brooks, and then in a week celebrate him when he posts something centrist or center-left.  A convert! The fantasy lasts until the next editorial. 

I argue for penance - a changed opinion is not enough. One has to vocally, purposefully, on-the-record repudiate the past positions. Every single one. Specifically. None of this wishy-washy "oh, the news cycle will forget in three days."

Remember my longtime warning:
Beware who you mortgage your opinion from.