Observer: The Fate of Arts Education in the Age of the Microaggression.

Comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock announced that they have sworn off doing shows on college campuses because of so often being accused of racism, sexism and more. Yet, colleges and universities are where almost every professional visual artist receives his or her training, which has the potential to make balancing free expression and the concern for group sensitivities an arduous and ongoing task for faculty and administrators.

Gee, I never got a trigger warning for "A Fish Called Wanda." As a stutterer, I could have been traumatized, I suppose. Instead, I laughed my head off - 'Cathcart Towers' - and got to share with my friends the difficulties of dating with a stutter ("The word 'condom' starts with a hard consonant, and I was terrible with consonants, so ... trying to get laid was a bit challenging."). Michael Palin deserved an Oscar for that stutter.