NY Times: Ivanka Trump’s Dangerous Fake Feminism.

OK, want to see fake news in action? Replace "Trump" with "Clinton" here. You'll find lots of cheap shots that could apply to either one. I haven't seen a true "feminist" since the heyday of Steinem and Abzug. None of these young ladies had to walk into a set of bathrooms and choose between "Doctors" and "Nurses" after fighting to become a physician (the true feminists walked right into the one labelled "Doctors" and damn the torpedoes).

The 60's definition of feminism isn't today's. Culture still sees it through a 60's lens, but those challenges are long past. When's the last time you heard "male chauvinist pig"? Different challenges today. Time for a broad redefinition. Irony is, Ivanka may be the one to redefine it. 

If you didn't live through Reagan, you have NO IDEA how flexible 'normal' is. How fast history gets reinterpreted. We stand at another historical crux point, like Reagan's election, like 9/11. You can see the past, but you can never enjoy it again. Could American culture ever be frivolous and happy enough to bring this back to #1? Yeah. I miss those days too.