Paris Review: Good Atticus, Bad Atticus - Obama, Sessions, and Finch’s Legacy.

Amazed at how people treat Atticus as if he were a real person, rather than a fictional character. Go Tell A Watchman was an early draft, completely reworked. Who is the real Atticus? That's simple. The one who was originally published. Period. That was the writer's and editors' intention. I've read so many 'early drafts' of characters I've enjoyed, only to barely recognize them. One has to tease out the qualities that were forged in reworking and editing later. The fictional chronology of the two books encourages a timeline from the published Atticus to the later Watchman version ... whereas there is no evidence that any post-Mockingbird edits were made to the early work. So same name, different permutation.

Build whole philosophies on someone else's first drafts? Crazy.