Politico: House Republicans gut their own oversight.

The OCE's only existed since 2008. Created by Nancy Pelosi, it's been pretty efficient at 'draining the swamp' for real. Some Dems hate it as much as Repubs do. The final vote on the floor may be interesting. 

There is no such construct for the Senate. I'll remind folks we're a nation of laws; OCE wasn't required for Watergate. And thanks to the internet, there are unprecedented numbers of eyes, ears and fingers all over what Washington is doing. And the tongues will be wagging to willing ears, I guarantee you. If I were a journo, I'd be doing my research on WedtechAbscam, Congressional PO scandalAbramoff, etc. to look for patterns.

I suspect the FBI could have a field day with entrapment schemes over the next two years ...

Later: Reading some quotes on the situation, one can tell where this is going. Only investigations into Democrats will go forward ... further amplified by right-wing news. Didn't want to be seen as killing the office, just controlling it to advantage.