How to lose your mind, in six months or less.

Okay, even Rachel Maddow is correlating Trumpian text to old Nazi-sympathizer slogans? Trump taking speech cues from a movie supervillain? Folks flipping out over Trump changing the White House website?

If you recall 2000 - as I unfortunately do - we had scores of bloggers combing Bush's speeches for similarities to Hitler's, and finding significant ones. Oh, and he removed all of Al Gore's environmental website info? GRAB YOUR KNICKERS, IT'S ARMAGEDDON.

Sound familiar?

The problem with these conspiracy theories: Bush was not some sort of imaginary evil genius. Any similarities were unintentional. And every new administration has different internet goals. These things passed on for issues of actual import.

No, media, we're not falling for it all over again. Trump probably hasn't picked up a history book in decades. He's not subtle enough to integrate 'secret messaging'. And I doubt he's done much more than approve comps of the website.

So cease with the wing-flapping. When the Left goes conspiracy-crazy, that's when I leave and go independent. Give me some facts, issues. Not fearmongering tomfoolery. Did you know every President since Jefferson has been correlated with '666' and 'the Beast' by their ideological opponents? Look it up.

The leftward media performing a slow metamorphosis into the conspiracy-laden right, is a worse reality than Trump himself ... laser-focus, journos. Laser-focus. Not scattershot name-calling. We know he's an off-the-cuff commenter. I don't care so much what he says - I want to know what he's doing.