Recode: How the press can save itself in the age of Trump.

“Ditching the ‘view from nowhere,’ or the ‘voice of God,’ and instead saying, ‘Here’s where we’re coming from’ would be very good,” Rosen said. “The second thing journalists should do is make it clear: Yeah, we’re coming from somewhere, but we’ve done our reporting. We’ve talked to a lot of people. We looked at the documents. We dug up information.” 

In lieu of a real post-mortem, this will do. The idea that journos can opine from the bicoastal ivory towers is dead and gone. Get on the street, talk to the people, and prove that you've done so. The press authored the 'alternative facts' first in this fight [NYT Dean Baquet's post-mortem after the election is prime material] - and they know they have. They've been pushed to retreat and reorganize by Trump. Now they have to get back to the business of real, gritty, authentic news reporting.