Political Wire: Bannon Attacks News Media as 'the Opposition'.

As I've tried to emphasize, until the media has a public post-mortem of their failures leading up to around 6:00 PM on Election Day, Bannon and his crew will continue to make hay over this. You're ceding your power, media.

You cannot scapegoat Nate Silver, either. He was one of the more conservative pollsters, while giving numerous warnings about the nature of the race. Some of the leftwards media even bashed him for being too pessimistic over that last weekend.

There's another leg to this stool: US intelligence services have verified that the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks betray no obvious forgeries. Source-greasing may be necessary for journos in Washington DC, but a few got caught and should be censured. They have not been. And because they have not been, Bannon and crew have even more ammunition.

So you lose a few subscribers. What would you win, media? Think about it. The left needs a free, unimpeachable press to succeed. Your intransigence is hampering progress.

And, I'll remind that Brazile (also implicated in the Podesta emails) still sits at the head of the DNC. Who wants to be a Democrat right now? Even a sliver of mistrust in this environment is deadly ... and the DNC's still sitting on their thumbs.

I wonder if there's any intelligent life left in the universe of politics. Excepting GitM.