The Nation: Is Skepticism Treason?

In the wake of Ars Technica's article - and today's Ethics reversal - I see Vox, the NY Times, others posting articles 'mansplaining' the situation. Why is that bad? These orgs want to influence how you think about events, rather than just report on them. Watch how the ethics reversal is being interpreted today. I've even seen one say it was all a conspiracy to make Trump look magnanimous!

Media, we're still waiting for that election post-mortem. The honest, extensive one. Not the "well, we screwed up but HEY LOOK AT WHAT HE'S DOING OVER HERE ..."

I have to mention it, and I hate doing it. It's getting to the point where short-form blogging like mine is useless. When the content is of such terrible quality, there's little use in pointing out even the highlights.

Like being in a room of PhD's, and saying "Well, Dr. Seuss has a point."