CJR: Focus more on fighting bad journalism, less on fake news.

A BuzzFeed News analysis in late December found that the 23 best-performing fake news stories on Facebook in 2016 combined for about 10.6 million engagements—shares, reactions, and comments—or about 460,000 apiece. It is unclear how many of those people believed such content to be true.

Aside - I think many did. This is where bicoastal affluenti need to get out more. I know for a fact there are good, honest, hardworking people in rural areas who still believe that papers like "The Star" and "National Enquirer" are fact. These same people think "Excedrin" and "Bufferin" are completely different pain relievers (as in, not just differently-buffered identical doses of aspirin). And can't figure why they can't sleep when they take Excedrin (buffers with caffeine - or used to). Noone's ever told them differently. They've never actually seen or experienced what they read. They've never compared ingredients on the boxes. They take things on faith. Papers don't lie. Someone took the time to write it and publish it. You don't waste time and money lying in print. Does this make them 'stupid', or just innocent? Some of these folks have never been more than 50 miles from the place of their birth. Say 'hello' to your fellow citizens. If you've never realized they existed ... well, you do now. So what do you do about it? Ignore them? Call them 'traitors', as some Dem operatives want to?

Sorry. My family taught me differently. Calling someone 'other' is another road to fascism.