Mashable: Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech divides nation.

Readers, you aren't going to like this post. Circumstances are forcing me to defend Trump! I'm all for holding people accountable for what they say and do (and you all know this), but the facts have to be correctThere is a reason actors and actresses should not be people you take your politics from. I love Ms Streep's acting. I don't admire her for believing 'fake news'. Trump routinely uses these exact same hand gestures for people he finds ineffective - there are at least a half-dozen videos from major networks that clearly illustrate this fact. The worst part is, many of you already know this and choose to ignore it to achieve partisan ends. What you may not know is the disabled reporter is in full control of his limbs; there is no flailing about (you can find his interviews on Youtube to verify this). If you or I 'knew' this reporter [as well as Trump was supposed to] and were going to mock or imitate him, we'd hold our right hand close to our chest and talk in a level, coherent tone. But I believe Trump when he says he doesn't remember the guy - he habitually interacts with so many people. When you see Trump use these exact same gestures to describe Ted Cruz waffling, it's pretty much a slam-dunk. Therefore the accusations are idiotic on their face, once you do an ounce of looking. To perpetuate them is aping the tactics of the worst aspects of the Right's news vacuum - a model I don't particularly admire. The fact that no major media has come out with an in-depth investigation or, barring some sort of 'smoking gun', a retraction and apology ... smacks of classic disinformation campaigning. They made a personal attack, made it pervasive and permanent. We must hold the media accountable for this. The fact Ms Streep bought into this is not so very surprising, given the above.

I agree with this part of Ms Streep's speech - journos need to remain unimpeachable as sources. This bit of fantasy is as good a place to start as any. Their organizations continue to cut very poor figures at present. From here, it looks like the media wants to train the Left to be as parochial, conspiratorial and ignorant as the Right.

Disagree? Show me evidence that proves the opposite.

Later: Don't get me wrong - it was a strong statement, effective on other points. But it was hung over a 'fact' that isn't a fact. And as an ethical person, I have to call it out. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with being a male (which seems like a totally insane thing to use as a disqualifier, but this is the atmosphere we live in today).