The dm! philosophy of protest.

Gang of dogs sitting under a shade tree. Car appears out of the distance, roostertail of dust behind. All of the dogs but one get up, bark and start chasing the car, trying to bite the tires. The other dog sits in the shade, watching. Another car appears shortly after. Same dogs take off running. Other dog sits and watches.

This repeats all morning for every single car until the 'chasers' tire out and just sit and pant in the shade, growling and huffing, having no energy left.

Eventually a big old overloaded pickup truck lumbers along. For the sake of argument, it has a 'Drill National Parks" bumper sticker on the back. Well, it stops, driver gets out.

The chaser-dogs have nothing to give.

The other dog, the seemingly-lazy one?

He jumps up, runs over, and bites the guy in the arse.

Choose your battles for maximum effect.