I don't do litmus tests.

Okay, tired of answering this. Just because I don't kneejerk to match you, or start howling at every appointment, does not mean I do not share your viewpoint. I am working to support the institutions I admire offline, don't you worry.

But. Realities must be dealt with.

These jokers were legally elected (both sides gerrymander, play with voting rules - none are innocent). They're implementing their agenda. We have, thanks to the botched Clinton campaign and the DNC, few tools with which to oppose these changes. (Clinton's still talking women's issues, Obama's off surfing with bazillionaire Richard Branson, while we get the likes of DeVos shoved down our throats, for goodness sake. It's like having Aragorn tubing down the Lonely Mountain and Galadriel busy with a knitting group while the Dark Lord takes over Middle Earth. The silence is deafening.)

By cutting yourself off from those ideologically opposed to you, avoiding challenging opinions, learning to hate thoroughly and completely - you're allowing Bannon-types and others to manipulate you. Once you learn to hate ideological opponents, it's all so easy to redirect you to hate other groups. And that's happening already. Dropped anyone who's not as upset as you are? I'm sure many of you have.

Surely you've heard of 'divide and conquer'? Simple, effective. A whole bunch of little vacuum chambers are easy to deal with, as opposed to a united electorate. Things are going to go South. There's no question. We need resources wide and deep. Keep those lines of communication open to leverage greater power in the future. For goodness sake, stop testing your friends and dropping them because they're not "Democratic" or "Progressive" or "Feminist" enough.

Cheap shots only antagonize. Effective opposition is based in actions. What they are doing. Why. What we are doing. Why. Stop shrieking about the change needed. Exemplify the change. Be the change. Live the change.

There's a simple technique you can use. I use it frequently. "At what point will you stop supporting the President/Congress/etc.? What line does he have to cross?" Write it down, email it to yourself and the person you're talking with. Supposedly 'being a (wo)man of your word' is a bedrock Conservative value.

Money where the mouth is. Sit and wait, patiently. And when that lines is crossed, use it. Hard.