Mother Jones: A Review of Reviews of "The Handmaid's Tale".

You wonder if any reviewers ever gave a second to think about the fact this show was produced long before the election results were in. What would their judgment have been if Clinton were President now? It's worth thinking about. Seriously. "Timely." "Relevant." Hmmph.

What did reviewers think of the book back in the day? That might point with more accuracy - removed from current events. Some rosy, some not.

From my world outside the mainstream, the descriptions and previews seem like paranoia-porn. This show's being pushed like a cheap Starbucks drink - you see them everywhere, those handmaiden bonnets. The two-coast media are fawning over, praising the various horrors. "1984" was cerebral and horrifying. "Handmaiden" seems a remix of "Stepford Wives" and a snuff film, mixed with a little old-school Moral Majority mayhem. All perfectly placed, perfectly produced to panic a paranoid populace.

Not my cup of tea.

[BTW, not an Atwood fan. Read "The Blind Assassin" and it nearly killed me. A plodding book. I'd recommend John Fowles' "Daniel Martin" instead. By lightyears.]