Guardian.UK: How ‘superagers’ stay sharp in their later years.

What enables superagers to persevere in the face of unpleasantness? That’s an open question, but scientists have found that if they electrically stimulate one of the regions of the superager ensemble – the midcingulate cortex – subjects report a feeling of motivation to overcome difficult challenges. The psychologist and author Angela Duckworth calls this feeling “grit”.

Yes, this hews closely to my own observations. As a kid, I realized the seniors around me had literally gobs of good information, and I started mentally collecting. Those seniors who were still fighting the fight, still active mentally and physically, were the best sources. The thing that came through - never let yourself get too comfortable. When things would get painful, that's when they would push ... and push beyond the pain. I would quote you from Theodore Roosevelt's "Strenuous Life" speech, but there's more reward in digging to find it. Do so, when you have some free time.