Twitter observation: starving self-publishing authors.

My curiousity is spurred — given that most of the people who randomly follow me, or follow me after a burst of morning tweets — seem to be self-publishing authors trying to drum up a reader or two (THOUSAND). I'm not sure it is successful, that effort. I've not correlated any with 'bestseller' status, in any fashion. Do they make enough to afford to continue their writing and social media outreach? Are they trust fund babies? Most seem to devolve into "Hey, I've now got COURSES you can pay for in order to be [a nonstarter] like me!"

I suppose the old rule is vivified: "Those who can't do, teach."

Not intending to be mean here. Just ... think about what you're trying to accomplish, and analyze against your actual take-home results. Trying to make a buck off courses that are made up of the mishmash of 'writing advice' books you've read, 'writer' blogs, is not a long-term business model.