euansemple: Words, words, words.

Funny. All the lessons I've learned in life that have been truly useful have come from the classics. Never from modern nonfiction or fiction. Aeneas and Edmond Dantes taught me about handling adversity, etc. etc. [You've heard the story before.]

I should have gone to St. John's College, where they use the classical canon to render degrees. I never knew it existed when I was looking at colleges. You'd think a guidance counselor would have pointed it out, given my eight years of Latin by senior year of high school.

Ego cæcus. I was blind.

But once again, I am most comfortable by myself. Don't need a book. I can walk away from my blog and personal technology, and not spare a thought. I think that's what drives people most crazy, to be honest. Many seem to want to break my equanimity, and when they cannot do so, they get angry - at ME. They cannot figure out why/how I'm so different. Perhaps I misplaced the 'crowdfunding of emotion' gene somewhere. I believe I'm better off without it.

Introverted? Perhaps. More a true 'a-loner.' I am what I am. Accept it, or move on.