Slate: It’s time to show the carnage of mass shootings.

This will be touchy. I don't expect agreement with my views. I grew up in the '60's, and I used to actively avoid the evening news. Once we got a color television, that is. All the reports from Vietnam - Jesus, they were traumatic. My child's mind remembers two things very distinctly: the green of the jungle contrasted with the gallons of red clotting blood. Every. Night. Over the years, it had a significant deterrent effect. Even the most hardened conservative veterans questioned the goals of the war by 1969 (in my hearing, anyway).

But today, we live on the other side of the 'minicam' revolution of the '70's, when earnest video crews would go out with their 60 pound reel-to-reel rigs and film the latest murders and car accidents in full Technicolor. Even more, now, today, we're soaked in the blood and gore of video games, wholesome families watching crime procedurals while eating dinner (frequently featuring gooey corpse dissections) ...

Would viewing any of yesterday's carnage have an effect on public opinion? I have a very sad suspicion it would not. I fear most that some will find it entertaining and enjoyable. Likewise surveillance footage; some would enjoy critiquing his strategy, and want to improve upon it.

So while I appreciate the idea and the goal of showing the carnage, the world is a different place nowadays. I don't think this would be the most effective method of changing people's minds and getting Congress off their fat butts.

Which brings me around to a bit of tangential trivia, since I mentioned Vietnam. Have you ever seen the memorial to Thích Quảng Đức, the Buddhist priest who immolated himself in a Saigon intersection? He generated more opposition to the war - worldwide - than anyone else, even though his opposition was to religious persecution. It is a beautiful and fitting piece of sculpture. I honor his sacrifice, as I will honor those who will involuntarily be sacrificed before America wakes up and climbs to higher moral ground.

Because you know there will be more. There is no tipping point for Republicans today; if they can rationalize Trump, they can rationalize mass murder. We have to take this on at the local level, starting at the schools and school boards, and work up. We get the culture we allow.