DP Review: The Broccoli Tree and the dangers of sharing photos of the places you love online.

The truth is, if we hoard and hide what we love, we can still lose it. Only then, we're alone in the loss. You can't un-saw a tree, but you can't un-see one either. The Broccoli Tree is gone... but it's beauty, survives.

You, my readers, will see the fallacy. Sheer numbers make this incorrect. We see this all over Santa Fe; the marketing of every single 'best kept secret' and 'locals only' spot has resulted in overlove, overpopulation, and destruction of natural areas. If one kept it quiet, exposure to 100 versus 100,000?

I'll show you photos, but I won't always tell you where I am. Not that I don't trust my readership; this blog is open to the wider internet. All I need is some NewMexicoTrue fool to swoop in and broadcast some of my places.

We're already contending with at least one Instagrammer revealing one of our favorite locations, bringing out-of-staters with MTBs to tear up some spots (I don't mind MTBers in general, but the fools who show up here start shifting trails and moving rocks so they don't have to lift their fat asses off their saddles, causing all sorts of problems in rainy season). Posts images of a perfected Santa Fe experience, that one cannot reach without significant $$$.

Santa Fe for Santa Feans first.