WSJ: How Your Returns Are Used Against You at Best Buy, Other Retailers.

Are you used to ordering two or three of something, in order to guarantee you receive the correct size/shape/color/construction? Well, there's an outfit companies are using called Retail Equation to score you for your returns. Seriously. You may not be able to read this (WSJ paywall), so here's International Business Times as well.

Return a couple of things, you may find yourself locked out of making returns at all. You should be able to find this status out before you purchase, but there's a secret database involved. I've talked before about buying lenses, and needing to make a return if you get a bad copy. The above service could make this an untenable strategy for lens purchasing. I'll be asking retailers if they use that, or any similar service, before ordering. You should, too.

All in all, I find this pretty outrageous. I'm ready to pack up and live in the wilderness somewhere.

I expect the next thing will be sensors in appliances. If it registers a clunk, you get scored for 'appliance abuse' ...